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I’m a food & lifestyle editor. I’ve 17 years’ experience in food writing: I was the food editor of Luxury Books publishing for seven years until I’ve decided to become a freelancer in 2014. As a journalist, I’m always hunting for news and trends, emerging chefs and interesting stories to talk about. I work with La Cucina Italia and Vanityfair, I am Head of Contents for Marie Claire Maison and editor of Enjoy Living magazine. As a consultant I deal with the conception and coordination of editorial projects and events for publishers, companies, and communication agencies  that want to launch or develop online and offline magazines – from editorial projects to the management of the daily content.

I made la pasta in bianco go viral and launched my newsletter Materia Prima. In 2024, my first podcast, MORSI, was born. I am not an influencer, but I have earned a blue badge on Instagram.

I’m Milanese and I live in Milan with my dog, Ziva. I go out a lot, and I never cook.

I tour starred restaurants and places you would never enter, I write about cooking to talk about other customs, travel, trends, and futile things in a very serious way.

I’m a traveller, a professional eater and a wannabe sommelier.
Fussy gourmet, I die for Chinese food. I don’t love cooking but (sometimes) I cook for the people I love.
Milan is my city and I love it: I live in the No.Lo district with my dog, Ziva.

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